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The Hazelridge Skating Club and Hazelridge Sports Complex are volunteer run organizations. All families participating in programs are required to volunteer for both the Skating Club and the Hazelridge Sports Complex as follows: 

Hazelridge Sports Complex Volunteer Requirement:

Canteen shifts: The Hazelridge Sports Complex requires each family using the facility to fulfill two 4-hour canteen shifts. Each family is also required to provide two canteen bond cheques made out to "Hazelridge Sports Complex", in the amount of $100 each, on the first day of skating, as surety that they will cover their shifts. One $100 canteen bond cheque will be cashed by the Complex each time a worker does not show up to work for a family’s shift.

  • Canteen sign-up will be managed by the Hazelridge Sports Complex through an on-line sign-up process. The Sports Complex will be setting deadlines for canteen sign-up and for canteen bond cheque hand-in. Families not in compliance as of the deadline dates will not be allowed onto the ice until the deficiency is addressed.
  • Families may buy-out their canteen commitment for a cost of $75 per shift at time of canteen shift selection.
  • Families already working canteen shifts for hockey or ringette are required to work one additional canteen shift for participation in Learn to Skate or Figure Skating programs, and to provide an additional $100 canteen bond. No additional canteen shifts are required for hockey or ringette players participating in Power Skating only.
  • Adult skaters with no children enrolled in club programs are exempt from this canteen requirement.

Canteen sign-up is now available @ , & will be accessed through the Complex website at:

Hazelridge Skating Club Volunteer Requirements:​ 

Our skating programs are volunteer-run and rely on the assistance of all of the families participating in the programs for successful operation. Each Learn to Skate family is required to volunteer a minimum of 2 hours (4 volunteer credits) with either program or event related tasks. Volunteer tasks for figure skating programs are of longer duration as there are less families to cover Star program related tasks. Many of these volunteer tasks are of short duration and can be accomplished while you are present in the arena for skating. Star families will be contacted after registration to choose their jobs.

Families registered for Power Skating only and no other Club programs are exempt from this volunteer requirement.

Volunteer tasks must be selected at time of registration for Can Skate programs. Opportunities are many and include the following (job descriptions below):

  • Board Parents - Pre-CanSkate & CanSkate Board Parents
  • Set-up & Clean-up - Pre-CanSkate & CanSkate
  • Skate with Santa - special guest (on-ice)
  • On-Ice Program Assistants (PA's) - Pre-CanSkate, CanSkate & CanPower
  • Club Executive
  • Synchro - tasks related to competition attendance and team building events.
  • STAR Skate (Figure skating) - designated adult supervisors
  • Event related tasks:
    • Ice Show
    • Figure Skating Test Days
    • Competitions (in years that the club hosts)
  • Board Parents - Pre-CanSkate & CanSkate: 
  • Parent volunteers are required to stand at the boards and assist the coaches as needed during lessons. Two parents will be scheduled to assist with each lesson. Some of the duties for these volunteers will include assisting children during the lesson to re-tie skates, handing out Kleenex, locating the parents of children who need to leave the ice, and handing out stickers.
  • This task earns 2 volunteer credits per CanSkate class (60 min).
  • To select shifts, "Add Volunteer Position" to your shopping cart, filter by category and/or category level , and in the Summary filter enter "Friday - Board" or "Sunday - Board" to see available dates.

Set-up & Clean-up - Pre-CanSkate & CanSkate: At this time volunteer positions will follow Covid protocols. More info to follow.

Volunteers are required to assist with set-up prior to each Pre-CanSkate class and clean-up after each CanSkate class.

Set-up: Volunteers are needed to arrive at the rink approx. 45 min before the start of Pre-CanSkate, take tables out of storage and set-up, lay out skater name tags, place stickers and Kleenex at the boards, place name-tag collection bins in the dressing rooms & bring out CanSkate equipment bins, hoops noodles and signs.

Clean-up: Volunteers  are needed to stay after CanSkate, retrieve name tag bins from the dressing rooms, bundle name tags by skating day, return tables, name tags, bins & stickers to storage room.

  • Volunteering in this capacity earns 1 volunteer credit per instance. 
  • To select shifts, "Add Volunteer Position" to your shopping cart and in the Summary filter enter "Friday - Set-up", "Friday - Clean-up", "Sunday - Set-up" or "Sunday - Clean-up" to see available dates.

Skate with Santa - special guest (on-ice): A jolly male volunteer is needed to suit up and skate with the kids during Pre-CanSkate and CanSkate for the Skate with Santa event. on a Sunday in December. Costume will be provided by the Club. Must be able to skate well, so as not to be knocked down by excited children. To select, "Add Volunteer Position" to your shopping cart and in the Summary filter enter "Santa" to see available tasks.

On-Ice Program Assistants (PA's) - CanSkate & Pre-CanPower: Volunteers age 11 to adult are required to assist on ice with program delivery, under the direction of the coaches. Volunteers must be able to skate well enough to demonstrate the skills the skaters are working on, must be willing to commit for the full season and attend regularly, must attend training in September, and must be willing to work with all skaters on the ice, not just their own family members.

  • Club STAR skaters volunteering in this capacity earn a $43.70 credit to cover the cost of their Skate Canada registration.
  • Parents & older siblings of skaters volunteering as on-ice PA's fully satisfy their family's volunteer requirement and are granted 4 volunteer credits. The Club also covers the cost of Skate Canada registration.
  • Teens volunteering in this capacity may be able to use the time towards a high school volunteer credit, depending on the school attended.
  • There are two steps to this sign up as an on-ice parent volunteer: 1) To obtain volunteer credits, "Add Volunteer Position" to your shopping cart, filter by category and/or category level , and in the Summary filter enter "Parent On-Ice" to select from available positions. 2) In addition, "Add Program" to your shopping cart and register for the relevant On-Ice Program Assistant item under the "Club Volunteers category to facilitate registration with Skate Canada.

Club Executive: Volunteers are required to serve on the Club Executive.

Synchro Skating - team event and competition related tasks: Volunteers are required to supervise at team building events and to take on competition attendance related tasks, such as providing team snacks, hair & makeup, transporting bins and clothing rack, etc. To select shifts, "Add Volunteer Position" to your shopping cart and in the Summary filter enter "Synchro" to see available tasks & dates.

STAR Skate (Figure Skating) – Designated Adult Supervisors: As many figure skaters are old enough not to require parental assistance during their lessons, it is common for parents to drop the skaters off, or for the skaters to drive themselves to practice. However, for the safety of the skaters and coaches, it is important to ensure that at least one off-ice adult is present at all times during practice to deal with matters that may arise, such as assisting visitors to the complex, collecting casual ice fees from visiting skaters, alerting the ice guy regarding Sports Complex maintenance issues, trouble shooting sound equipment issues, and being available to provide assistance, call for Emergency assistance and contact parents / next of kin if someone is injured, etc.

  • Please note that children age 11 and under must have a parent or other supervising adult in the building while they are skating, in addition to the club designated adult supervisor.
  • Each figure skating supervisor task will earn 1 volunteer credit.
  • To select shifts, "Add Volunteer Position" to your shopping cart and in the Summary filter enter "Star" to view available shifts.

Events: Each year the Hazelridge Skating Club hosts a variety of events, such as the annual Ice Show (late February early March)  which provides the skaters in our programs the opportunity to show off the skills they have learned during the year, ​Figure Skating Test Days; and Figure Skating and/or Synchronized Skating competitions. A significant volunteer effort is required for these events, and volunteers are needed to assist with planning, organization, set-up, clean-up, etc. 

  • Individuals volunteering for event related tasks will receive family fundraising credits. Most event related tasks have been assigned 4 volunteer credits.
  • To view and/or select tasks, "Add Volunteer Position" to your shopping cart and in the Summary filter enter "Ice Show" or "Test Day". Hazelridge is hosting a Competition this Season. 

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