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Club Policies

The following policies are applicable to your use of this website and participation in our skating programs. Additionally to the general club policies, you will be required to accept the policies as required by each particular program during your registration process.
If you have any questions concerning these policies, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Hazelridge Skating Club, 26 Memorial Blvd, Cooks Creek, MB, R5M 0C2, 


Club Organization & Management

Hazelridge Skating Club Organization Structure & Affiliations: The Hazelridge Skating Club (the Club) is a not-for-profit organization and is a member club of Skate Canada. As a Skate Canada member, we are obligated to operate our programs by their rules and to contribute to the Manitoba Section and Eastman Region organization and administration of the programs. Information on Skate Canada, their service and policies may be obtained by calling 1-888-747-2372 or on-line at
Executive: An Executive is elected at the Club's Annual meeting each spring/fall to organize and manage the Club’s affairs for the following year. Members are elected to the Executive for two-year terms. Executive meetings are held monthly during the skating season and as needed during the off season. If you are willing to consider serving on the Executive, please contact any one of the current Executive to discuss what interests you!
Skate Canada Membership: In order to participate in Hazelridge Skating Club programs, all skaters must be registered with, and in good standing with Skate Canada for the current membership year. Any skater registering for programs who is not already registered with Skate Canada for the September 1st to August 31st membership year, will be charged a Skate Canada membership fee in addition to the applicable program fees at time of registration.
Coaching: Our programs are coached by Skate Canada registered certified coaches with the help of trained Program Assistants. The Club Executive authorizes coaching ice privileges and no coach may offer services at the club without approval. Such approval may be refused or revoked if a coach violates Skate Canada rules, and/or if their conduct is contrary to club policies or brings into disrepute the image of the club.

Program Assistants: Program Assistants (PA's) are volunteer positions and can be STAR skaters, students or adults with prior skating experience. All PA's are provided with training at the beginning of the skating season and are on the ice to assist the coaches and provide support & assistance to the skaters in the Pre-CanSkate, CanSkate, CanPower & STARSkate programs. All PA's are required to be registered with Skate Canada. The Club covers the Skate Canada membership & insurance fee for on-ice Program Assistants.

Acceptance of Risk

Recreational programs such as skating involve certain elements of risk. Injuries, loss or damage may occur while traveling to or from or while participating in skating lessons, practices, competitions or other activities. The risk of sustaining injuries results from the nature of the activity, and can be reduced by following the instructions provided by coaches and club directors. If you choose to participate/have your child participate in skating, you must understand that you bear the responsibility for any injury, loss or damage that might occur. The Skating Club and the Municipality do not provide accidental death, disability, dismemberment or medical expense insurance on behalf of the individuals participating in this activity.

It is understood and agreed, as a condition of participation in skating programs offered by the Hazelridge Skating Club and Skate Canada, that neither the Club nor Skate Canada nor Hazelridge Sports Complex nor the RM of Springfield shall be liable for any injury, loss or damage suffered, or caused by the above noted member(s) while traveling to or from or while participating in skating lessons, practices, competitions or other program activities, however caused.

Any accidents must be reported to the on-ice coach who will inform the Club Executive at within two weeks to ensure timely reporting to Skate Canada.

Insurance: Members participate in Club activities at their own risk. Hazelridge Skating Club assumes no responsibility for any damages, injuries or loss of property to any member, guest or visitor. We recommend that all skaters carry Blue Cross or other health & accident insurance that covers them 24 hours per day.

Payment, Refund & Cancellation Policies

All programs will take place at the Hazelridge Sports Complex, 26 Memorial St, Hazelridge, Manitoba, Canada. Any products purchased on the site will be available for pick-up at the Hazelridge Sports Complex on the date specified in the product description. We do not export any goods or services.
Payment: All transactions will be completed in Canadian dollars. The club accept payment in the form of cash, cheque, VISA, & MASTERCARD. Credit cards are accepted for on-line payments only. A $15 administration fee will be charged for any NSF cheques.
Refund policy: All programs are eligible for a refund up to the withdrawal dated listed for each specific program. Please contact the club Registrar to withdraw. There will be a $25 service charge for refunds.
Program cancellation policy: The Hazelridge Skating Club reserves the right to change or cancel any program for which there is insufficient paid registration/participants. In the event of program change or cancellation, the registrants will be offered the option to attend a session on another day or receive a full or pro-rated refund, as appropriate. If there is an overall shut down of programs, a refund will be offered by the end of the skating season, March 30th.
Inclement Weather policy: The Hazelridge Sports Complex is located in an open rural area. In the event of inclement weather, it may become necessary to cancel an individual class to ensure the safety of coaches and class participants. Classes will be cancelled in cases where a travel advisory has been issued for the area in the vicinity of the arena, or if local school buses have been cancelled for the day, and road conditions have not improved sufficiently prior to class time to allow for safe travel. Classes cancelled due to inclement weather will not be rescheduled, and no refund will be provided.

Inclement Weather Procedure: Coming Soon
Class cancellation policy: The Hazelridge Skating Club may find it necessary to cancel individual classes from time to time. Reasons for cancellation may include coach absences or special events restricting the availability of the arena. The class schedules have been adjusted to reflect tournaments, competitions and holiday closures known to the Club administration prior to the registration opening date. Individual classes cancelled due to unanticipated reasons within the control of the Club will be rescheduled if at all possible.
KidSport Fund: Sport Manitoba has a grant available to assist families with limited means in paying registration fees for various sports programs. The grant enables athletes to continue in their chosen sports by offsetting some of the registration fees for qualified families. It is subject to acceptance of application by Sport Manitoba. For further information, eligibility requirements and application forms, please refer to the KidSport website at:

Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy and are committed to maintaining your confidence and trust. Accordingly, we maintain the following privacy policy to protect the personal information you provide to us. Any information you give us will be held with extreme care and used only in accordance with the federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents (PIPED) Act.
What information do we collect?
If you choose to email us and provide personally identifiable information about yourself, we will not use the information for any purpose other than to respond to your inquiry. We do not sell, rent, loan, trade or lease any personal information collected on our site. Our web site logs are not personally identifiable and we make no attempt to link them with the individuals that actually browse the site.
If you choose to create an account on our website in order to register for programs, you will be required to provide us with your name, address, telephone number & email address. If you choose to pay for your program registration using a credit card, you will be required to enter a credit card number, expiry date and CV code. In addition, you will be required to provide the name, date of birth and gender for any skaters registering in our programs. 
How is your information used?
The information you provide on registration will be used by the Hazelridge Skating Club administration and coaching staff to administer our programs, to assign skaters to groups within their respective programs, to track skater progress, and to communicate with club members.
Skater information will be shared with Skate Canada as follows: Skater name, address, phone number, email address, date of birth, gender, and program category will be shared with Skate Canada as part of the Skate Canada registration process. In addition, for figure skaters who participate in skill testing, test results will also be shared with Skate Canada.
Parent names and contact information for all families using the facility will be shared with the Hazelridge Sports Complex Board of Directors, to allow for administration of the canteen volunteer schedule.
Aggregated enrollment figure including the number of families and the number of skaters by program category are reported to the Skate Canada Manitoba Section, the Skate Canada Manitoba Eastman Region Board of Directors, the Hazelridge Sports Complex Board of Directors, and to the membership of the Hazelridge Skating Club during the Annual General Meeting. This aggregate information does not include any personally identifiable information.
Photo/media images:
Photo and video images are collected by the Club and by the Club's coaches during the execution of skating programs. These photos and videos may be used on the Club's website, or posted on bulletin boards at the rink, or distributed to Club members. Coaches use video replay when working with figure skaters and synchro skaters in order to analyze performance and identify areas for focus. Coaches are also required to submit video as part of the coach certification process.
A general photo/media consent is presented at time of registration requiring parents/guardians or adult skaters to indicate whether they allow this use of their and/or their children's images.
The annual Ice Show is recorded, with videos made available for purchase by club members. Families who do not wish their children to be included in the Ice Show video are advised not to participate in the Ice Show.
Synchronized skating competitions  and higher level figure skating competitions may be recorded by local media and made available for viewing by the general public. Skaters participating in these events will be required to sign a media release permitting this use.

Other Club Policies

Facility Use: The Skating Club uses the Hazelridge Sports Complex facilities. We follow their ice use policies and we pay them rental charges for our use of the ice. The Hazelridge Sports Complex receives minimal financial support from the municipality and no on-going support of its operations from provincial sources. Families become members of the Hazelridge Sports Complex through registration in programs, and are required to fulfill the canteen commitments as a condition of use of the facility. A calendar of complex events, canteen information and a list of the Executive members is available on the Hazelridge Sports Complex website at
Volunteer Requirements: The Hazelridge Skating Club and Hazelridge Sports Complex are volunteer run organizations. All families participating in programs are required to volunteer for both the Skating Club and the Hazelridge Sports Complex. Please refer to the Volunteering page on our website (link) for further details regarding volunteer requirements.
Fundraising: HSC relies completely on funding from our members, as no on-going support is provided by municipal or provincial bodies. To keep our program fees as low as possible, each family participating in any of our regular skating programs will be charged a fundraising commitment fee at time of registration each year. Upon attending the first 2 weeks of lessons, you will receive tickets to sell. All monies collected from sales of these tickets becomes your own reimbursement for your fundraising commitment. Please ensure all tickets are returned to the club by expected due date. If you choose not to sell them please put your own name on them and hand them in.
Ice Show: Annually In February or March, we showcase our wonderful the skaters' accomplishments of the season. All PreCan, CanSkate, STARSkate & Syncho skaters are invited to perform. A CanPower demo may be included if there is sufficient interest by the CanPower program participants. Costumes for the skaters are prepared by the parents in consultation with other parents in their child’s skating group. Executive members and our coaching staff are also available to consult with parents on costume preparation.
Parent Responsibilities and Expectations:
  • Learn about your skaters' program and how it operates.
  • Volunteer and become involved in the Hazelridge Skating Club
  • Join our Facebook page and stay current with club updates and information.
  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of your ice session and ensure younger children use restrooms prior to entering the ice. This will help ensure that skaters are ready for the coach to meet up with them in the dressing room / hallway to avoid lesson disruption.
  • Ensure skaters are wearing proper clothing and equipment.
  • Have a parent or designated guardian at the arena during all PreCan, CanSkate, STARSkate, Synchro & CanPower sessions.
  • Do not “drop and go”; a responsible adult must be present in the arena.
  • Parents are not allowed on the ice-surface, along the dressing room side or players benches area in the rink during lesson times - unless they are acting in an official club capacity, or are the registered Parent for PreCan - because parents are not insured by Skate Canada. Parents must move to either the lobby or arena stats after their child is ready in the dressing room and the coach has arrived in the dressing room / hallway.
  • Perform canteen duties and fundraising. By performing these duties, we can keep costs down.
Behavioural Expectations of ALL CLUB MEMBERS AND GUESTS:
  • Be a positive role model.
  • Respect one another.
  • Be Attentive.
  • Bullying in any form, including physical, verbal, social, relational, electronic or cyber will not be tolerated.
  • Fighting will not be tolerated and offenders will be asked to leave.
  • Cursing or inappropriate language will not be tolerated person / skaters will be asked to leave.
  • On-ice playing games of chase, tag, crack-the-whip, sitting on the boards etc. is not acceptable outside of coach lead activities.
  • Skaters will be asked to leave the ice if they choose to disregard the rules during any skating session. It is not the responsibility of the Coach/Program Assistants to discipline the skaters.
  • Skating coaches, supervising parents or executive members reserve the right, after one warning, to ask any individual to leave the complex if that individual’s behaviour continues to be unacceptable.
  • Children who are upset, or expressing disinterest or discomfort, will be taken to a free skate area or to a parent.



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