Hazelridge Skating Club


Families are required to fulfill the following volunteer commitments:


Canteen shifts: 

Hazelridge Sports Complex requires each family to fulfill two 4-hour canteen shifts. Also, each family is required to provide a $150 canteen bond cheque on the first day of skating as surety that they will cover their shifts. Families will have an opportunity to select their shift at the time of in-person registration or on the first day of skating.   Families already working canteen shifts for hockey or ringette are required to work one additional canteen shift for participation in Learn to Skate or Figure Skating programs, and to provide an additional $75 canteen bond. No additional canteen shifts are required for hockey or ringette players participating in Power Skating only.

  • The bond cheque will be cashed by the Complex if a worker does not show up to work for a family’s shift.
  •  Families may buy-out their canteen commitment for a cost of $150 during registration.  

Our skating programs are volunteer-run and rely on the assistance of all of the families participating in the programs for successful operation. 

Learn to Skate: Each family participating in Learn to Skate programs – CanSkate and/or Pre-CanSkate is required to take on two volunteer 
tasks, and may select from either event related tasks (ice show) or assisting at the boards during skating lessons. Sign-up rosters will be 
available at the in-person registration/first lessons.

Figure Skating: Parents of skaters age 12 and older are required serve as designated adult supervisors during figure skating ice times. A parent supervision roster will be established after registration. Parent volunteers will also be required to assist with Hazelridge test days, competitions hosted by the Club, and with the end of year Ice Show.

Synchro Skating: Each family is required to assist with music during synchro practice times. A roster will be established after registration.

​Each year the Hazelridge Skating Club hosts a variety of events, such as:

  • The annual Ice Show (early March) which provides the skaters in our programs the opportunity to show off the skills they have learned during the year;
  • Figure Skating Test Days; and 
  • Figure Skating and/or Synchronized Skating competitions (not every year)

As a significant volunteer effort is required for these events, parents will be asked to assist with planning, organization, set-up, clean-up, 
etc. Sign-up sheets will be available at registration/first skating days.

CANSkate/ Pre-CANSkate Board Parents:

Parent volunteers are required to stand at the boards and assist the coach as needed during Pre-CanSkate and CanSkate sessions. Two parents will be scheduled to assist with each lesson. Some of the duties for these volunteers will include assisting children during the lesson to re-tie skates, locating the parents of children who need to leave the ice, and handing out skating badges to children who have earned them. Sign-up sheets will be available at registration/first skating days.

Figure Skating – Designated Adult Supervisors:
As many Figure Skaters are old enough not to require parental assistance during their lessons, it is common for parents to drop the skaters off, or for the skaters to drive themselves to practice. However, for the safety of the skaters and coaches, it is important to ensure that at least one off-ice adult is present at all times during practice to deal with matters that may arise such as assisting visitors to the complex and collecting casual ice fees from visiting skaters, alerting the ice guy regarding complex maintenance issues, trouble shooting issues with the sound equipment, being available to provide emergency assistance if someone is injured, etc. A roster of designated adult supervisors will be created from the list of skaters age 12 and older after registration. Parents must find an alternate if they are unable to cover an assigned shift. Please note that children age 11 and under must have a parent or other adult in the building while they are skating (in addition to the club designated adult supervisor).