Hazelridge Skating Club


  • Skate Stronger, Harder, Faster
  • Power Skating programs focus on strengthening the skater’s balance, power, agility, speed and
    ​endurance – the skills required for success in hockey and ringette.

    Power Skating classes are intended for skaters with prior skating experience, and are not suitable for new skaters due to the fast paced format. We recommend that new skaters register for one of our Learn-to-Skate programs instead, and transfer into Power when the coach feels they are ready.

  • Power 1 - geared towards skaters who can skate forward with some ability to glide and have some stopping ability, focus will be on forward and backward skating, hockey stops, forward crosscuts and starting backward crosscuts.
  • Power 2 - geared toward skaters who are proficient in forward and backward skating and crosscuts as well as hockey stops. Focus will be on increasing speed and endurance as well as introduction of double brackets and pivots.​​